Don’t Mess with the MOSSAD, Israeli T-Shirt

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''Don't mess with the MOSSAD'' with an image of a handgun below the text. Motto repeats on sleeve. White print on black.

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The recent assassination of a senior terrorist in Dubai sparked a wave of international controversy and threw the Mossad into the spotlight. Everyone will know your opinion on the matter when you sport this black commando-style T-shirt.+The top line of text, in small serif font, reads ‘Don’t mess with the’ while ‘MOSSAD’ is emblazoned in large capital letters across the wearer’s chest. An image of a handgun underneath the slogan is recreated in perspective to create the effect of being pointed at the viewer. The ‘Don’t mess with the MOSSAD’ is also printed in small type on the T-shirt’s left sleeve. This men’s crewneck tee is available in five sizes, ranging from Small to XXL. Israel T-shirts have long been popular souvenirs of visits to Israel and gifts for friends and family back home. Whether whimsical or in-your-face, Israel-themed tees for men and women are the perfect way to show your support for Israel in these turbulent times. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction, and to that end use only the best materials in our T-shirts – 100% ring spun cotton. This fabric is slightly more expensive than other kinds but is remarkable in its softness and high-quality cut and weights. Please note that 100% cotton T-shirts may shrink up to a size, even when sold pre-shrunk. Customers should follow the laundry instructions on the shirt’s label.